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This mini-site was set up to support a one-off staff development session at Bath Spa University in February 2009. The workshop was co-ordinated by me, Joe Bennett.

It’s now being used as a blog and collection of links for general thoughts relating to using free ‘Web 2.0’ tools in teaching and learning. I should add a disclaimer that these are personal observations designed to raise awareness of the issues and challenges that surround these tools. So don’t be fooled by the words ‘Bath Spa University’ at the top of this page – that’s just my geographical location (so you know where to send the guys with the baseball bats).

Check out the links (right hand column), for more discussion on these and related issues. To get started with some of the tools, click Get Started in the navigation bar above. To contact me directly, use the form below. You’ll be asked a simple maths* question to check that you’re not a spambot.

*US colleagues – that’s ‘math’.



Even in the virtual world, The Boys have baseball bats...

Even in the virtual world, The Boys have baseball bats…

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